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Civil Engineering Design

Civil Services (HB) Ltd specialise in designing and constructing highly detailed roads and access ways that adhere to recognised standards. Our expertise extends to the design and construction of sewer, water, and stormwater systems, from single properties to large subdivisions, following local authority and New Zealand standards. We also offer wastewater soakage calculations and system designs to meet your specific needs. We take pride in
producing top-quality design plans and documentation, to help ensure that your project
stands out as one of the best in the area.

Project and Contract Management

Expertly managing project deliverables and contract objectives is a crucial aspect of any undertaking. At Civil Services (HB) Ltd, we understand the significance of effective communication among designers, suppliers, contractors, and clients, to ensure that projects remain on track, within budget, and meet all necessary requirements. With our expertise, we can successfully oversee your project from inception to completion, ensuring that your
objectives are met at every stage.

Surveying (Topographical and Construction Setout)

We regularly provide precise setout and control services for construction projects, regardless of the scale, from open fields or simple sheds through to extensive earthworks and complex multilevel buildings. Our team ensures accurate data collection, which is then uploaded and modelled with industry-leading software, creating Digital Terrain Models
(DTM) and other 3D or 2D representations of surveyed features. Such modelling and visualisation tools help convey the surveyed information clearly and accurately, allowing a comprehensive understanding of the project.

Quality Assurance Compaction Testing

Our team conduct expert analysis of local materials, performing comprehensive quality testing across various areas. Our services include foundation investigations, testing for designers and builders, earthworks analyses, verification of pavement layers (including subgrade CBR verification, subbase, and basecourse compaction), as well as soakage and
permeability testing. We cater to projects of different scales, ranging from small garages to rural/lifestyle sections to larger subdivisions. All testing procedures follow NZ Standards and/or best practices, ensuring accurate and reliable results.

As Built Survey, Plans and Digital Data

Accurately determining the precise location and depth of underground services and other features is vital for asset owners. As the demand for high-quality as-built data and drawings continues to rise, Civil Services (HB) Ltd is well-equipped to meet these requirements. We specialise in conducting thorough as-built surveys and generating comprehensive data and drawings of installations and constructions. Typically this includes ducting, sewer, stormwater, water, and other below-ground features, together with all surface and above-ground installations. Our meticulous approach ensures a high level of detail and accuracy, providing asset owners with the essential information they need.

Subdivision Infrastructure and Land Development

Civil Services (HB) Ltd combines geotechnical engineering expertise with our commitment to
providing quality design, drawings, and documentation. Our comprehensive services not
only facilitate the acquisition of the necessary consents but also minimise confusion and ensure that your subdivision is high-quality and specified in detail. Our team of professionals utilises their extensive experience and knowledge, in tandem with cutting-edge surveying and engineering software, to deliver eco-friendly, clean, sustainable, accurate, and
functional subdivision designs. We prioritise environmental considerations while striving for
optimal functionality, resulting in a harmonious blend of efficiency and sustainability.

Earthworks and Building Deformation and Settlement Monitoring

At Civil Services (HB) Ltd, our team has the expertise and equipment required to efficiently monitor settlement for a wide range of projects. Whether it involves earthworks, such as preloading and bulk fill, or buildings with specific requirements like freeze/thaw floors, we have the capability to handle them effectively. We are experienced in designing for
platforms and access ways, ensuring the stability and integrity of construction projects, and are able to provide comprehensive settlement monitoring services, giving you confidence in the quality and safety of your project.

Underground Service Location

When it comes to safely drilling, excavating, or trenching, accurately locating and identifying
underground infrastructure and services beforehand, including their depths, is paramount. At Civil Services (HB) Ltd, hydro excavation, modern equipment, knowledge, and experience are combined to provide precise and reliable identification of underground infrastructure. Knowing the locations of underground services is essential for project safety, while
minimising the risks, costs and delays of damage to existing underground services. Our team look forward to locating your underground infrastructure accurately and efficiently.

Machine Control Surfaces and Setup

Civil Services (HB) Ltd utilise state-of-the-art machinery equipped with digital terrain models,
key features, design surfaces, and GPS technology to greatly increase earthwork efficiency on construction sites. We can generate and work with various surfaces, including finished levels, proposed road subgrades, ponds, stormwater detention basins, house platforms on elevated terrain, service trench profiles, and more. We offer survey setup, calibration, and GPS base hire for machine control, allowing you to utilise our expertise and equipment to meet your project requirements precisely and efficiently.

Material Laboratory Testing

Civil Services (HB) Ltd has recently established a dedicated material testing laboratory. Our team now offer a range of test services to contractors and consultancies. These include particle size distribution, standard and heavy compaction tests, solid densities, and moisture contents. Accurate and efficient laboratory results are essential for informed decision making and project quality assurance.

Geotechnical Engineering

Every successful project begins by considering what lies beneath the surface, making it crucial to address ground-related aspects from the outset. At Civil Services (HB) Ltd, we provide a comprehensive range of geotechnical services. Our offerings encompass feasibility studies and preliminary assessments, slope stability assessments, liquefaction analyses, and recommendations for suitable foundations. We also provide design and construction monitoring, along with certification services. As a small boutique consultancy, we pride ourselves on our collaborative approach, working closely with structural engineers,
architects, planners, and contractors to find the optimal solution for each project. Regardless of project size, we are committed to delivering professional geotechnical services tailored to your specific needs.

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