Our Services

Civil Engineering Design


Detailed roading and access tracks designed and constructed as per recognised standards.
Sewer, water and stormwater systems for subdivision designed and constructed as per local authority and

New Zealand standards. Wastewater soakage calculations and system designs.
Quality design plans and documentation are also produced to ensure that your project is one of the best in the area.

Project and Contract Management


Managing the project deliverables and contract objectives are an important part of any project. Here at Civil Services, we believe that communication between the designers, suppliers, contractors and client is key to ensuring that the project stays on target, within budget and meets all appropriate requirements with complete satisfaction. We can successfully manage your project to meet your objectives from start to finish.

Surveying (Topographical and Construction Setout)


Accurate setting out and control of your construction project including: earthworks, sewer, stormwater, drinking water, roading, and multi-storied buildings. With a range of modern survey equipment and the experience to accompany it, Civil Services can ensure the construction project is where it's supposed to be. With our selection of GPS and total stations the team at Civil Services can undertake detailed topographical surveys - be it a small confined site, large scale open field, or anything in between. All data is uploaded into software to create DTM (Digital Terrain Models) and other 2D or 3D representations of survey features, to help accurately represent and convey what has been surveyed.


Quality Assurance Compaction Testing and Verification

Trench Reinstatement Testing.jpg

Expert analysis of local and further materials allows Civil Services to undertake and carry out quality testing on foundation investigations, designers, builders, earthworks, pavement layers (subgrade CBR verification, subbase and basecourse compaction), soakage and permeability testing and calculations. All from small garages to rural/lifestyles sections to larger subdivisions. Civil Services covers a wide variety of testing as per NZ Standards or best practice.
The team can undertake these in the field for investigations ranging from detailed hand augering logs, Dynamic Cone Penetration (Scala Penetrometer) for bearing capacity and compaction verification, Nuclear density meter testing of hard fill compaction, bulk earthworks moisture and air void measurements, undrained shear strength and residual strength, Clegg Impact Values on hard fill, Benkelman Beam testing for pre-seal deflection measurements, moisture calculations of various materials and Swedish weight sounding.


As Built Survey, Plans and Digital Data

As Built Surveys.JPG

Knowing the exact location and depth of underground services and other features is important to asset owners. With increased demand and requirements for providing high-quality as-built data and drawings, Civil Services can undertake as-built survey, data and drawings for ducting, sewer, stormwater, water and other above and underground services, with a high level of detail and accuracy for you.

Subdivision Design and Consents


Our quality design, drawings and documentation help smooth obtaining the correct consents, reduce confusion and help ensure that the build quality of your subdivision is of the highest level of detail. Civil Services team of professionals utilise their experience and knowledge in conjunction with the latest surveying and engineering software to produce eco-friendly, clean, sustainable, accurate and functional subdivision design.

Earthworks and Building Deformation and Settlement Monitoring


With the right experience and the correct equipment, the team at Civil Services can help undertake and monitor settlement for earthworks (preloading, bulk fill, preloading) and buildings (freeze/thaw floors, preloading)

Underground Service Location

Ormond Road Entrance Services.png

It is important to locate and identify any underground infrastructure and services including accurate depths when drilling, excavating, or trenching. Here at Civil Services, we utilise hydro-excavation with modern service equipment and experience to help accurately identify and pinpoint underground infrastructure

Machine Control Surfaces and Setup

Machine control image.png

With modern machinery incorporating digital terrain models and surfaces and GPS systems, the team at Civil Services can undertake the necessary checks and solutions to ensure that the surfaces uploaded into your machines are accurate and will increase the productivity of earthmoving on sites.  These surfaces range from Finished level, subgrade of proposed roads, ponds and stormwater detention basins, house platforms on elevated terrain, service trench profiles and many more
Civil Services can also provide a GPS base on hire for your requirements of Machine Control.

Material Laboratory Testing


Civil Services is excited to announce that a material testing laboratory has been set up and the team can now assist contractors and consultancies with particle size distribution testings, standard and heavy compaction curves, and optimum moisture content of the material required on projects.