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Our Projects

Limestone Development - Stages 1 and 2

Civil Services are proud to be involved in the construction of this exceptional 35-lot farm park
situated along SH50. We are providing a comprehensive range of services to ensure the successful development of the project, including subdivision design, geotechnical engineering, project
management, survey set-out, as-built documentation, quality assurance, and verification testing.

88 Millar Road

Our team were engaged in development design, including earthworks, stormwater management, access pavements, potable rainwater supply, and utility service corridors. Consents were obtained, construction is well underway, and our client is very satisfied with our performance.

Omarunui Landfill

Civil Services were appointed directly by Hastings District Council to carry out comprehensive earthwork compaction testing and verification services. Our team assesses and tests all bulk fill, sub-liner, and liner materials to ensure they meet the required standards for permeability, compaction, moisture content, and air-voids. With our expertise
and attention to detail, we help ensure that the construction and materials adhere to the criteria necessary for project performance and completion.

Summerset Retirement Village, Te Awa

Summerset Health Care contracted us to provide essential services for their new retirement village, aged care facility, and hospital project. We continue to provide comprehensive project management services for the entire site, including overseeing all the earthworks and civil works. Our team has also been conducting a wide range of earthwork testing and other construction quality checks, to help ensure this project is fully functional and successful.

Summerset Drainage and Buildings

Our team prides itself in attention to detail, meticulously checking and processing supplied
plans and data to ensure accurate survey setout of all required information. On this extensive site, we have set out the critical corners, grids, levels, and internal drainage points for all the residential villas and the multi-storey main building, and have also supplied boundary and fence locations where requested. Our experienced survey team use calibrated modern equipment and perform regular checking procedures to ensure precision and
accuracy throughout the project .

Frimley Water Treatment Plant & Eastbourne Water Treatment Plant and Pipelines

Our team has been closely involved in these significant infrastructure projects, performing
numerous survey roles including the precise positioning of buildings, construction grids, and
critical water connections. We have conducted thorough as-built surveys of all the extensive
underground services and the surface features to date, meticulously capturing the necessary data. Accurate and detailed as-built drawings and digital data have been produced for the completed contracts, and further comprehensive documentation will be delivered as the projects near completion.

Seddon Cres & McLaren Cres Project Management

Our team successfully managed and coordinated this project, ensuring seamless communication and collaboration with councils, contractors, and clients. We resolved on-site issues by offering top-class engineering advice and providing cost-effective solutions. Our project management expertise helped deliver this project, which is near completion, on
time and budget successfully.

200 Maraekakaho Road

Civil Services conducted a detailed engineering design for an 18-unit in-fill development located in Hastings. Our team undertook key civil design of the development, including pavements, stormwater attenuation analysis and modelling, wastewater, and potable water, obtaining engineering approval and building consent. Construction is expected to begin
soon, and our team will perform construction monitoring to ensure high-quality work is achieved.

Te Awa Subdivision

Civil Services played a crucial role in this successful 400-lot subdivision, being involved from the early stages through to completion. Our services encompassed a range of activities, beginning with topographical surveys, construction setout, quality assurance, and compaction testing. As stages progressed, our roles grew to include project management, site engineer, pavement testing, detailed design, drawings, and obtaining council consents. Our team was responsible for accurate as-built surveying and all contract and project
documentation for subdivision stages 5 to 13, which included construction of a wastewater pump station, a large stormwater detention pond, and the realignment of a stream. We also contributed to the design and construction of upgrades to adjacent council roads and facilities.

The Terraces Subdivision

Civil Services was initially contracted for site testing and setting out services for The Terraces Subdivision, a 100-lot development located in Taradale. As the project progressed, our involvement expanded to encompass design, supervision, quality assurance testing, surveying, and as-built documentation for the later subdivision stages. Our team's expertise and commitment to high quality enabled us to contribute significantly to the successful development of The Terraces.

Matahorua Gorge Realignment Project

Civil Services was contracted by Beca Infrastructure Ltd to undertake a comprehensive topographical survey and develop detailed plans for the Matahorua Gorge Realignment Project on State Highway 2. This project involved surveying over grassland, forestry, and a deep cliff-faced river gorge. Our team safely and diligently captured all the survey data and
accurately interpreted old survey plans, producing the crucial detailed representations necessary for the realignment design. Our expertise in topographical surveying thus was a crucial contribution to the smooth progress and successful completion of this State Highway Realignment Project.

Matahorua Gorge Realignment Project - Enabling Works

We were commissioned by NZTA (now Waka Kotahi), based on recommendation from Beca Infrastructure, to design and supervise the enabling works for this significant highway realignment project. This included relocating and/or replacing essential facilities, infrastructure, and dwellings on Black Stag, Matahorua, and Samarkand Stations, which were crucial for the uninterrupted progress of the realignment works. Our team diligently worked on the design and supervision of these enabling works, ensuring key timeframes and project continuity, contributing significantly to the successful Matahorua Gorge SH2 Realignment Project.

Maraenui - Kāinga Ora

Our experienced team conducted a detailed and comprehensive topographical survey of more than 25 properties for a Maraenui - Kāinga Ora housing project, and produced detailed drawings and digital information for our client.

Pettigrew Green Arena Extension

Civil Services was engaged in enabling works for the Pettigrew Green Arena Extension project, beginning with supervision and ground testing for the construction of a temporary car park. Our team subsequently conducted foundation testing and observations for the geotechnical engineer, to ensure the stability and integrity of the new building.

Delegat's Winery

Our team conducted initial investigations at Delegat's site to assist the geotechnical engineering design of the foundations for the substantial static loads generated by the pedestals of the 120,000-litre wine tanks, which are arranged in groups of 9. Foundation works included dynamic compaction of existing soil layers. Our team monitored and tested
throughout the subsequent construction of an engineered soil raft, using both lime- and
cement-stabilisation, to help ensure the safety and performance of the winery foundation.

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